Bhunga or Hut are traditional habitat of natives of kutchh, gujrat region. this are specifically design to tackle variations in the hostile desert. the base of this bhungas are are circular wall to harness the stress of conical roof and distribute the load equally. this makes it a high tensile sturdy solution to further increase the environment adaptiveness. it can well withstand the catastrophic earthquakes with ease.

other substantial bi-product of this structure lies in roof that is entirely made out of long processed hollow bamboo like stick from palm tree leaves that are lite and  woven like grid structure making it thick, less heavy and thermally insulating for keeping room temperature stable. this roofs are supported by truss but not each of them. it makes structure more rigid to stress but sometimes it may not necessary in all the bhungas it appears. this truss supports a thatched roof interwoven in horizontal and vertical grids using ropes to entangle this hollow sticks to create a lite adaptive roofing.

Thatched Roof
Mud-mirror work

well, don’t be amazed yet because main highlight is the insides of this structure. it is once again the proprietary of natives of kutch. it is mud-mirror work. kutchi peoples are great artist and it reflects in their day to day life spanning from the walls, to their clothings (BANDHANI) to artistic ornaments. let us focus on mud-mirror work for now. it is practice of carving small fragile ropes like structure from wet clay and apply it or paste it on walls before they get dry and mounted on walls forever. later, small mirrors are pasted in artistic proportion and further elevates the all over essence of the vibe it radiates.

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bhunga - star resort kutch

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